Homemade Strawberry Jam

Start Your Day with a Sweet Note: Make Delicious Homemade Strawberry Jam

Homemade Strawberry Jam

"Start Your Day with a Sweet Note: Make Delicious Homemade Strawberry Jam"

Do you want to start your day on a sweet note? If so, look no further than this delicious homemade strawberry jam recipe! The fresh flavors of this jam will refresh your day and get you ready for whatever lies ahead.

Spread it on top of some crispy toasts and enjoy a delicious breakfast that will start your day off on the right foot. With this recipe, you can make your own jam at home, ensuring that you always have a sweet and delicious breakfast option on hand.

So, why wait? Give this recipe a try and start your day with a sweet note. You won't be disappointed!

"How to Make the Perfect Homemade Strawberry Jam: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a fan of fresh and delicious strawberry jam? If so, this guide is for you! Here, we share some of our top tips for making the perfect homemade strawberry jam.

Step 1: Choose the Right Strawberries When selecting strawberries for this recipe, look for berries that are bright red, firm, fragrant, and plump. Avoid strawberries with soft spots or mildew, and make sure the leaves are still attached and green (not brown or wilted). Check the bottom of the container for any over-ripe or rotten berries.

Since strawberries are a delicate fruit, it's best to use them as soon as possible. If you can't use them immediately, store them in a single layer on a tray or container lined with a paper towel and keep in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Avoid washing or soaking the strawberries in water, as they absorb it. Also, don't remove the green part (the hull) of the strawberry.

Step 2: Make the Jam Without Preservatives This recipe is made without any preservatives, so timing is crucial. If you're making a small quantity, you can cook it over medium to high heat at the same interval. If you're making a larger quantity, make sure to keep the timing consistent.

Step 3: Check the Consistency To check if your jam is ready, drop one teaspoon of jam on a chilled plate. If it looks set and not runny or watery, your jam is done! It's important to use a chilled plate as it helps to cool the jam quickly, avoiding the risk of over-cooking.

Follow these simple steps and you'll have a delicious and fresh batch of homemade strawberry jam in no time. Enjoy! "

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Homemade Strawberry Jam 2019-06-17 04:02:06

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Serves 10
Prep Time: 00:05
Cook Time: 00:15
Total Time: 00:20


  • 500 grams Fresh Strawberries
  • 1 cup White Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Lemon Juice


  • Place the hulled and halved strawberries in the food processor or blender and process until pureed.
  • Pour 2 cups of strawberry puree in a saucepan and bring it to boil over medium heat.
  • When it starts to boil, turn the heat to low, and cook it for 5 mins. It starts to foam up.
  • Then add 1/2 cup sugar (turn the heat to medium) and 2 tbsp lemon juice, stirring constantly for another 5 mins.
  • Now add the remaining 1/2 cup sugar and cook for another 5 mins or until the mixture has thickened.
  • Remove from the heat and pour the jam in a wide bowl and set it aside until it is cooled.
  • It will continue to thicken as it cools.
  • Once it is cooled, store in a sterilized jar. It stays good for a week in the refrigerator.

By Santhi Therese
The Indian Claypot

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