Spinach Soup

This vibrant green color spinach soup with fresh ginger is a low-calorie soup, a perfect lunch recipe for someone who wishes to remain healthy through these winter holidays.

Spinach Soup

Are you looking for a healthy and delicious soup recipe to warm you up on a chilly day? Look no further than this amazing spinach soup recipe! Packed with fresh spinach, potatoes, and aromatic spices, this soup is not only nutritious but also incredibly flavorful. This spinach soup is a great way to include greens in your diet. Let's dive into the details of how to make this comforting soup that is perfect for any time of the year.

What Is Spinach Soup?

  • Spinach soup is a delightful and nutritious dish that combines the goodness of spinach leaves with the savory flavors of potato, ginger, and onion. This recipe calls for the perfect blend of ingredients, creating a creamy and comforting soup with a touch of Indian spices. The unique seasoning of this soup makes it a favorite choice for those looking for a healthy and flavorful meal.

Why You'll Love Spinach Soup?

  • Velvety Smooth Texture: This spinach soup offers a delightful velvety smooth texture, making it a comforting and luxurious dish to indulge in.
  • Packed with Nutrients: Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron, magnesium, and antioxidants, making this soup not only delicious but also incredibly healthy.
  • Versatile: This soup can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it a versatile option for any season.
  • Easy Digestion: The combination of spinach, potato, and vegetable stock makes this soup easy to digest, making it a great choice for those with sensitive stomachs.
  • Low in Calories: With only 2 tbsp of cream used in the recipe, this spinach soup is a low-calorie option for those looking to enjoy a satisfying dish without the guilt.
  • Customizable Flavors: You can easily customize this soup to your liking by adding ingredients such as garlic, nutmeg, or a hint of lemon juice for a burst of flavor.

Ingredients for Spinach Soup

  • Spinach Leaves: The key ingredient in spinach soup, the spinach leaves are full of nutrients and add a vibrant green color to the soup. They provide a fresh, earthy flavor that complements the other ingredients.
  • Potato: The peeled and chopped potato adds a creamy texture to the soup when blended. It also helps to thicken the soup and provides a subtle, starchy flavor that complements the spinach.
  • Ginger: The grated ginger adds a warm and slightly spicy flavor to the soup, enhancing its overall taste. It also provides a subtle aromatic quality that pairs well with the other ingredients.
  • White Onion: The diced white onion adds a sweet and slightly sharp flavor to the soup. When stir-fried with ginger, it adds a depth of flavor to the base of the soup.
  • Olive Oil: The olive oil is used for sautéing the onion and ginger, adding a rich and fruity flavor to the soup. It also helps to bring out the flavors of the other ingredients.
  • Vegetable Stock: The vegetable stock serves as the base of the soup, providing a savory and umami flavor that ties all the ingredients together. It adds depth and richness to the overall taste of the soup.

How To Make Spinach Soup?

  • To make a delicious spinach soup, start by blanching the spinach leaves.
  • Then, heat oil in a large saucepan and add ginger and onion, cooking until the onion is softened.
  • Next, add the chopped potatoes and cook until softened. Pour in the vegetable stock, cover, and simmer until the potatoes are fully cooked.
  • Once the potatoes are done, place the blanched spinach and the soup in a blender and blend until smooth.
  • Return the mixture to the pan over low heat, cooking for a few minutes. Finally, add cream, mix well, and season with salt and pepper.

These steps are crucial in creating a flavorful and creamy spinach soup that will please your taste buds.

Serving Suggestions

  • Pair with a crusty bread: A warm loaf of crusty bread or garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment to a comforting bowl of spinach soup. The combination of the soup with a side of bread makes for a satisfying and hearty meal.
  • Serve with a fresh salad: A light and refreshing salad, such as a mixed greens salad with a zesty vinaigrette, pairs well with the creamy spinach soup. The contrasting textures and flavors create a well-balanced meal.
  • Add a protein side: For a more filling meal, consider serving the spinach soup with a side of grilled chicken or tofu. The addition of protein will make the meal more substantial and satisfying.
  • Include a cheese platter: A selection of cheeses, crackers, and fresh fruits can add an elegant touch to the meal. The creamy texture of the cheeses complements the smoothness of the soup.
  • Pair with a glass of wine: A glass of white wine, such as a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, can enhance the flavors of the spinach soup. The wine's acidity and fruitiness can complement the earthy and creamy notes of the soup.
  • Finish with a dessert: Conclude the meal with a light dessert, such as a fruit sorbet or a slice of lemon cake. A sweet ending to the meal can balance the savory flavors of the soup and leave a lasting impression.

Tips for Making Delicious Spinach Soup

Furthermore, I would like to give some suggestions for making this green spinach soup.

  • Firstly, for blanching spinach, bring a large pot of water to boil over high heat. Put ice cubes and water in another large bowl and keep it aside. Then add the washed spinach leaves in the boiling water, and allow them to boil for 1 minute or until you see a bright green color. Remove the leaves by using slotted spoon or strainer from the hot water and place them in the ice water for few mins or until it is no longer warm. Then squeeze the spinach with your hands to remove the excess water.
  • Secondly, blend the spinach and the soup mixture until smooth.
  • Finally, add cream and mix well and season it with salt and pepper.

Variations for Spinach Soup

  • Add Protein: Consider adding some protein to your spinach soup by including ingredients such as cooked chicken, tofu, or white beans. This will make the soup more filling and add extra nutrition.
  • Spice it up: Experiment with different spices and seasonings to give your spinach soup a unique flavor. Try adding some cumin, turmeric, or red pepper flakes for a bit of heat.
  • Creamy Texture: For a creamier texture, you can blend in a small amount of ricotta or cream cheese. This will give the soup a rich and velvety consistency.
  • Veggie Additions: Add extra vegetables to your spinach soup for added nutritional value. Consider adding carrots, bell peppers, or zucchini for a colorful and nutrient-packed dish.
  • Citrus Twist: Squeeze in some fresh lemon or lime juice before serving to give your spinach soup a refreshing and zesty flavor.
  • Garnish Options: Get creative with garnishes! Consider adding a dollop of Greek yogurt, a sprinkle of toasted nuts, or a drizzle of balsamic glaze to elevate the presentation and taste of your spinach soup.

How to Store Spinach Soup

  • Refrigeration is Key: After making a delicious batch of spinach soup, it's important to store it properly to maintain its freshness. Transfer the soup into an airtight container and refrigerate it promptly. Proper refrigeration will keep the soup fresh for up to 3-4 days.
  • Freeze for Later: If you've made a large batch of spinach soup, consider freezing it for later. Pour the soup into freezer-safe containers or resealable bags, making sure to leave some room for expansion. Label the containers with the date and freeze for up to 3 months.
  • Store Spinach Separately: If you have leftover spinach, it's best to store it separately from the soup. Place the spinach leaves in a clean, dry container lined with paper towels to absorb moisture. Keep the container in the refrigerator and use the spinach within 3-4 days for the best flavor.
  • Properly Store Potatoes: Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark place to prevent them from sprouting or becoming soft. Keep them in a paper bag or a perforated plastic bag to maintain the right level of moisture. This will ensure that your potatoes stay fresh and ready for your next batch of spinach soup.
  • Ginger and Onion Storage: Store ginger and onion in a cool, dry place. Ginger can be wrapped in a paper towel and placed in a resealable plastic bag in the refrigerator for longer shelf life. Onions should be kept in a well-ventilated space, away from direct sunlight, and not stored near potatoes.
  • Take Care of Cream and Olive Oil: Cream and olive oil should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage. Make sure the lids are tightly sealed and store them at the recommended temperature. This will maintain the quality of these ingredients for future use in your spinach soup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use frozen spinach instead of fresh spinach?

  • Yes, you can substitute frozen spinach for fresh spinach in this recipe. Just be sure to thaw and drain the frozen spinach before using it. Keep in mind that frozen spinach may have a slightly different texture than fresh spinach, so adjust the blending time accordingly.

How can I make the soup thicker?

  • If you prefer a thicker soup, you can add more potatoes to the recipe. This will help to increase the thickness and creaminess of the soup. Alternatively, you can also reduce the amount of vegetable stock used to achieve a thicker consistency.

Can I make this soup vegan?

  • Yes, you can easily make this soup vegan by substituting the cream with a dairy-free alternative such as coconut cream or almond milk. Ensure that the vegetable stock used is also vegan-friendly.

Can I add other vegetables to the soup?

  • Absolutely! This spinach soup is quite versatile and can be customized to your taste. Feel free to add other vegetables like carrots, broccoli, or zucchini to enhance the flavor and nutrition of the soup.

How long can I store the soup?

  • This spinach soup can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Be sure to let it cool completely before storing and reheat it thoroughly before serving.

Can I freeze the soup?

  • Yes, you can freeze the spinach soup for future use. Allow it to cool completely, then transfer to a freezer-safe container or resealable bags. It can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight before reheating.

Recipe Card

Spinach Soup

Spinach Soup 2017-11-29 04:49:25

Serves 2    

Prep Time   00:10        

Cooking  Time   00:20        

Total Time   00:30                      


  • 1/2 lb spinach leaves (250g)
  • 125g Potato, peeled and chopped
  • 1 inch ginger, grated
  • 1/2 medium sized white onion, diced
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 500 ml vegetable stock
  • 2 tbsp cream          


  • Blanch the spinach.
  • Heat oil in a large sauce pan over medium heat.
  • When the oil heats, add ginger and onion, stir fry until the onion has softened.
  • Then add chopped potatoes, cook, stirring continuously for 2 mins. until the potatoes are softened.
  • Further, pour stock, cover and bring it to boil then reduce to the simmer for 10 mins or until the potatoes have cooked through.
  • Then place the blanched spinach and the soup in a blender in batches, blend until smooth.
  • Return to the pan over low heat, stirring, cook for 3 to 5 mins or until heated.
  • Finally, add cream and mix well and season it with salt and pepper.         

By Santhi Therese    The Indian Claypot


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